Beatnik & Noname Weekend Edit

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Tried to get as much done before I had to fly out to California for TacoConf, but didn’t get everything wrapped up. Finally got to it today and got it uploaded. It was a really fun weekend with Derrik & Casey, and we got TONS of footage! Hope you all enjoy!

Beatnik/Noname Interviews

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One of my team riders Derrik Kinzebach rides for a Bearing/Hardware Company “Beanik Skateboard Co“. I figured since Derrik was on my team we could arrange a weekend where my buddy Casey Dorsey could come and help film. They came on friday, and we almost immediately went to the pitiful Omak skatepark to sesh. Once it started to rain we packed up and came home, hoping tomorrow would be nice. After fighting off rain from time to time (seems to always happen in Tonasket) we finished up what I think are a couple of great edits! Checkout the 2 reviews/interviews we chopped up!



Trying to catch up!

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Since my last post about my skate company launching I’ve been really really busy! Been making lots of connections and lining up tons of new projects. I’ll post a few of my last videos just to catch up, but to see everything I’ve done in the past six months, click the videos page on the left!!


Skate NONAME Has been launched!!

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So my latest project in life is the starting of a skate business (kind of why I have been neglecting my own site..) where I produce high grade Skateboarding Wax! The name is a spin-off of Emanon Entertainment, its called Noname Skate Wax! I’ve got a lot of people talking in the area, getting GREAT feedback from the users and it looks like we’re on a slow rise to greatness. The skaters I’ve picked to be on the team are quite the bunch of guys. Very well rounded and VERY talented. Below is a promo video I shot the first weekend Noname was launched, plenty more to come so ENJOY!

NONAME WAX First Promo!

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Revolution Snow & Skate’s skater Derrik Kinzebach invited me down for a sesh at the Wenatchee Outdoor Skate Park. Besides the heat it was a great day! Stoked to have this guy on the Wax Sponsorship!

Jumping into HDR's!!

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Its finally my turn…Untill recently I haven’t tried HDRs ever to realize how much I truly loved them. The thought behind merging 7 different exposures from under to overexposed into 1 image is utter genius. I really haven’t had much practice, this is really just the last 2 days, and I understand this is all extremely pushed post. So some of it can look a bit fake.

Here’s my favorite.

For more of my recent HDRs visit My Gallery Album

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Conscious Culture Festival 2011

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After a long weekend, getting the water pump fixed in my ’83 VW Rabbit, we ended up getting to CCF on saturday afternoon, Just in time to catch the Fogey set! Checkout the amazing song “What I Do” by Sean Fogelstrom (Fogey). Was a hell of a bi-polar weather day, turn your speakers up and enjoy the music! I know I did!

T-Town Sk8 Throwdown FINISHED!

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After a week or so of editing, its finally finished!!

2nd Annual B3 Project Presents
T-Town Sk8 Throwdown
2011 Tonasket, WA

Produced and Directed by John Akin – Emanon Entertainment


Revolution Snow & Skate, Solar Shop, Emanon Entertainment, Small Town Ink, Sick Donkey Records, Allen’s Auto Parts, Tonasket Police Association, Water More Precious, , Than Gold, Lib Tech, Sunstar Computer Services, Tonsket Exxon, Midway/Oroville Building Supply, Ites Design, Prince’s Department Sore, Prince’s Foods, Piestrup Bros, Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op ,One Drop Coffee Shop, PumpCo, Superior Auto, Tonasket Interiors, Highlandia Jewelers, Wild Rose Floral, Inlow Angus Ranch, Pablo, Cruz, Napa Oroville, Lee Franks, Grants Market, FB’s Diner, Subway Tonasket

Two Door Cinema Club – This is the Life
OPM – Heaven is a Halfpipe
Sublime – What I Got
Fogey – What I Do
Shad – Rose Garden

Emanon Entertainment Skate Promo Released!

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T-Town Skate Throwdown went amazing! Met a lot of local people, and it really started to help get my name out in the area. Thanks to Jahson I was able to get listed as a major sponsor by donating my time filming for them (working on editing, pretty busy lately). My main reason for wanting to hit up the T-Town Skate Throwdown was to spread the word about my new skate promo! Which here it is!

This video contains footage from the past 6 months of my new Lumix Gh1, as well as some old footage from on my Zi8 and my Sony DSC-F828. I’m really really stoked about how well this turned out, and i look forward to this summer getting alot more footage and networking with a lot of skate shops in the area!

Random Info~
Lumix Gh1
Canon 50mm
Canon 28mm
Lumix 14-42mm

Edited on Sony Vegas 10
Graded in Magic Bullet Looks.

telekinesis – coast of carolina
rjd2 – 1976
pendulum – the tempest
two door cinema club – come back home

Last weekend didn't go too well!

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I have uploaded the “tonasket skate sesh” to my youtube channel Here but the audio got disabled using “Cee Lo Green’s – F**k You Remix by Le Castle Vania. So what I’m doing is remixing all the old footage I have, into a “Skrillex” edit. Dedicated to my favorite new dubstep artist Skrillex.

Here’s just the clip of johnny dislocating his elbow..

And here’s the Skrillex Edit Teaser

Hope you all enjoy it, and stay tuned for when I release the full video!!